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Dry Ice Demonstrations


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Four fun demonstrations using solid carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice. In the first demonstration, liquid detergent is added to a graduated cylinder containing some dry ice subliming under water, and foggy carbon dioxide bubbles spill out over the top. Once in contact with the air, however, these bubbles begin to shrink quite noticeably. Beautiful, mystical smoke rings are blown using dry ice and plastic cups in the next demonstration. In the third demonstration, dry ice is added to a bucket half-filled with water and an eerie heavy fog cascades over the rim. A soapy towel is used to create a soap film sheet. This film gradually inflates into a misty, colorful crystal ball that undulates gracefully to the air currents in the room! And finally, foggy CO2 gas—from dry ice subliming under water—is passed through a faucetlike series of pipes. Dense CO2 bubbles form, pinch off, and fall rapidly downward, resembling a huge leaky faucet!