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ABO/Rh Simulated Blood Typing Kit for anatomy and physiology is a simulated blood-typing kit that allows the lifelike testing. Determine the blood type of four individuals.

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Product Details

Solves all the problems associated with using real blood in your classroom. This simulated blood typing kit allows the lifelike testing of blood types in the ABO system, as well as for Rh factor. Students determine the blood type of four individuals. Actual medical blood-typing plates add to the realism. Once the data has been collected, students consider paternity and genetic questions about the four tested individuals. Bring back this important biology lesson to your classroom. Students love it. This amazingly realistic simulation would be a great addition to your immunology, health, genetics, or forensics units. Enough materials to perform over 50 tests. No blood or blood products are used.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Simulated anti-A sera, 30 mL
Simulated anti-B sera, 30 mL
Simulated anti-Rh sera, 30 mL
Simulated blood, person w, 30 mL
Simulated blood, person x, 30 mL
Simulated blood, person y, 30 mL
Simulated blood, person z, 30 mL
Disposable blood typing slides, 50
Toothpicks, red, pkg/100