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Aerogel is a low-density porous material that is used for insulation, oil remediation, and it even went into space with the NASA probe Stardust. A little piece of the future.

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Product Details

A little piece of the future—right in your classroom! Aerogels are a diverse class of the world’s lightest solid material, composed of up to 99% air by volume. This low-density, porous material is already used for insulation, high-energy radiation detectors, and oil remediation—it even went into space with the NASA probe Stardust to capture particles from a comet! Silica aerogel is an excellent insulator against heat and conductivity—if one side is heated, the other side will remain cool. High-quality silica aerogel is highly transparent with a light blue color due to Rayleigh scattering through the aerogel’s nanoparticle framework. An unforgettable material to connect classroom concepts such as density, transfer of heat, conductivity, and properties of gases, solids and liquids to real-world applications in engineering and modern materials! Note: Sample is fragile and should be handled with care.

Dimensions are  ~2.6 cm x 0.7 cm.