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AP® Biology CliffsNotes® Book is an updated book that includes an overview of the AP Biology exam and strategies for all three question types. Review material from 15 subject areas.

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Product Details

Prepare students for the AP Biology exam. Revised book includes updated content to better reflect the AP Biology exam with strategies for all three question types: multiple-choice, grid-in and free-response. Review important material from 15 subject areas:
• Cells
• Chemistry
• Cellular Respiration
• Photosynthesis
• Cell Communication
• Cell Division
• Heredity
• Molecular Biology
• Evolution
• Biological Diversity
• Plants
• Animal Form and Function
• Animal Reproduction and Development
• Animal Behavior
• Ecology

Includes a focused review of all AP laboratory investigations and two full-length practice exams as well as what AP Biology test-takers need to score high on the exam. Index, 5th edition, 2016, 432 pages, 8½" x 11", soft cover.