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Barnstead Mega-Pure® Water Still provides the highest quality water for all laboratory purposes. The still is easy to clean with parts that are all visible. The still comes with a 5-foot water inlet hose and a 4-foot drain hose.

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Product Details

The Mega-Pure® Water Still provides the highest quality water for all laboratory purposes.

Features include:
• Fast water production: 1.4 liters per hour
• Excellent water quality: Suitable for all chemical and biological laboratory purposes; pyrogen-free water to meet U.S.P. specifications.
• Quality of Distillate: 1 MegaOhm resistance—excellent quality water
• Vents allow for removal of volatile organics
• Built-in, automatic over-temperature protection
• Sturdy metal casing prevents accidental breakage

The still’s all-glass components allow for easy cleaning with dilute hydrochloric acid. No disassembly is required. All parts are visible so the science teacher can easily see when cleaning is necessary. Raw water, steam and final distillate never come into contact with any materials except Pyrex® glass and PTFE®. Result: remarkably high-quality water.

A 5-foot water inlet hose is furnished with connectors at each end. Customer provides a 1/8" male pipe thread at the water supply. A 4-foot drain hose is furnished. Drain placement in relation to the still location is not critical. Choose this still if you have normal to hard tap water. Soft water may cause the heating element to become pitted.

Furnished with a 6-liter polypropylene collection and storage bottle. Electrical requirements are 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 1000 watts; UL approved. Dimensions are 18" × 10" × 34".