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Chemistry Puzzles and Games

By: Sally Ann Vonderbrink, Ph.D. (retired), St. Xavier H.S., Cincinnati, OH

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Chemistry Puzzles and Games Activity Book contains words, logic and arithmetic puzzles that have proven educational value in the laboratory. Encourage and motivate others.

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Product Details

Word, logic and arithmetic puzzles have proven educational value in the classroom! Engage and motivate your students, and stimulate their recall and application of chemistry nomenclature, terminology and calculations with this book of unique puzzles. Written by our experienced, best-selling teacher/author, Sally Vonderbrink, Chemistry Puzzles and Games provides over 100 puzzles of nine different types, including word searches and crossword puzzles, acrostics, encrypted comments and terms, scrambled word “jumbles” and word fills, and even chemical arithmetic. Collections of elemental puns deserve special mention, sure to get a groan from your students! The book contains 10–20 puzzles of each type, spanning the entire high school chemistry curriculum, from atoms and molecules to thermochemistry and nuclear chemistry. 103 puzzles total—you will find many uses for them in your lesson plans! Teachers who purchase this book have permission to copy the puzzles for use in their classrooms. 114 pages, 8½" × 11", spiral-bound.