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The dual electrophoresis apparatus allows you to save time and money by running two electrophoresis gel trays simultaneously. The unit includes a transparent lid and adjustable leveling feet. The apparatus requires a power supply.

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Product Details

Save time and money by running two electrophoresis gel trays simultaneously with this high-quality dual apparatus. The seamless, injection-molded unit is designed for easy, safe operation. The lid is transparent for clear monitoring of the run and features two push tabs for easy assembly and removal. The platinum-coated electrodes are removable, making repairs simple, and the leads are safety coated and recessed into the lid. Apparatus includes two removable 7 × 7 cm casting trays with rubber end stoppers and two sets of combs to make gels with 6, 8 or 10 wells. Adjustable leveling feet make the fluid level uniform and assure better experimental results. Requires power supply such as FB0315 or FB0316.