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Easy Science Demos & Labs—Life Science

Author: Thomas Kardos

Item #: FB1642 

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Easy Science Demos and Labs Books for biology and life science contains quick and easy demonstrations that are guaranteed to stimulate your life science discussions.

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Product Details

Quick and easy demonstrations guaranteed to stimulate your life science discussions! Topics covered include testing for carbon dioxide, the greenhouse effect, plant stomata, transpiration, blood circulation, testing for nutrients, chlorophyll and chromatography, biodegradable materials, peristalsis, effects of nicotine, asthma and emphysema, asexual reproduction, metamorphosis and hydroponics. Each of the 75 demos and 10 student labs can be easily performed using common laboratory equipment. Appendix includes a glossary of life-science terms, useful temperature conversion tables and density information. 116 pages, 8⅜ x 10¾", soft cover.