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The economy electrophoresis apparatus is a scaled-down electrophoresis apparatus similar to the MiniGel. The base is leakproof and nearly unbreakable, and the transparent cover does not compromise on safety. This unit requires a power supply.

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Product Details

A scaled-down electrophoresis apparatus similar to the MiniGel (FB0314). The base of this unit is seamless injection-molded acrylic—leakproof and nearly unbreakable. The interlocking cover with integrated electrical leads does not compromise on safety and is completely transparent—allowing observation of gel runs in progress. Requires power supply such as FB0315 or FB0316.
• Long-lasting, all-platinum electrodes.
• 7 × 10 cm removable gel tray runs a group of student samples.
• Rubber gaskets eliminate need for taping when pouring gels. 
• Includes one 6-place and one 8/10-place well-forming combs.