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Flinn C-Spectra® diffraction grating is a vivid spectrum with distinct color separations that helps students understand and enjoy the spectrum. One 6" × 12" sheet can be cut to provide 32 1½"-square pieces—enough for an entire class.

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Product Details

Use Flinn C-Spectra® as an alternative to a spectroscope to clearly observe the emission spectra of gases in spectrum tubes. Simply view the light source through the C-Spectra to observe the spectrum—the angle at which it is held is not even critical! As with any diffraction grating, several orders of a spectrum will be observed.

C-Spectra can also be used to view flame tests. In this case, the spectra of the elements are observed as a diffracted, diffused flame, not as discrete lines.

C-Spectra is a holographic replica. Because of its holographic nature, every segment contains the ability to produce the same pattern. Thus, a single 6" × 12" piece of C-Spectra can be cut into smaller pieces for student use. When cut into 1½" squares, a single sheet of C-Spectra provides 32 pieces. C-Spectra is washable and should be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild detergent. Take care as it will scratch. 500 lines/mm.