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The Flinn digital thermometer gives readings that are much more precise than traditional glass thermometers and can be taken faster with the digital read-out. It includes a protective probe cover and one 1.5-volt battery.

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Product Details

If you want precision in your temperature readings, the Flinn digital electronic thermometer is the way to go. Readings are much more precise and can be taken faster since students can see the digital temperature read-out at a glance—no more struggling to twist and turn the thermometer to try to see the mercury level. And it’s a safer alternative to the traditional glass, liquid- or mercury-filled thermometers. Features include an on/off switch, ºC/ºF button, data hold button, 0.7 sec. sampling rate, and automatic shutoff after 10 minutes. The long, 8" stainless steel probe makes this a versatile thermometer for use in any lab situation. Pointed-tip design allows measurement in liquids, gases or even semi-solids. Includes a protective probe cover for storage. 11" overall length. Uses one 1.5-volt battery, included. Temperature Range: -50 to +150 ºC / -58 to 302 ºF Resolution: 0.1 ºC / 0.2 ºF Accuracy: ±1 ºC / ±2 ºF