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Item #: OB2181 
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The Flinn triple beam balance is an affordable, reliable mechanical balance. Provides the convenience of a top loader yet retains the ruggedness needed for a variety of lab work.

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Product Details

Flinn Triple Beam Balance

An affordable and reliable mechanical balance that provides the convenience of a top loader yet retains the ruggedness needed for a variety of lab work. Magnetic beam damping allows quick readings without affecting sensitivity or accuracy. May be locked down with an anti-theft device (available separately). 610 g capacity, 0.1-g precision, 15-cm diameter platform. Includes three attachment weights to increase the maximum capacity to 1610 g.

Choose Flinn’s Triple Beam Balance (OB2181) for a dependable and precise weighing instrument, essential for your science laboratory. With a capacity of 610g and a readability of 0.1 g, this balance delivers accurate and consistent results, making it ideal for educational settings, research labs, and science classroom experiments.

This balance features a high capacity of 610 g, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of samples and materials, while its 0.1 g readability ensures reliable measurements for even the most sensitive tasks. Its triple beam design incorporates three sliding weights that offer flexibility in weight selection and measurement. Furthermore, the magnetic damping system reduces oscillation, providing quick, steady readings every time.

We understand the durability you need for your lab equipment! With that in mind, this balance features a sturdy metal base that ensures stability and long-lasting performance in a busy lab environment. The stainless steel platform is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean, adding to the balance’s longevity. Additionally, it includes a built-in storage compartment for calibration weights and accessories, keeping everything organized and within reach. The zero adjustment knob enables easy tare functionality for accurate measurement of net weight, while the counterbalance system ensures the balance remains perfectly calibrated over time.

Whether you're conducting chemistry experiments, biological investigations, or physics demonstrations, the Flinn Triple Beam Balance offers consistent precision every time. Its intuitive design makes it ideal for students learning the basics of mass measurement, and its reliability makes it a trusted tool for educators and researchers alike.

Applications for this versatile balance include general chemistry labs where accurate measurement of chemicals, reagents, and compounds is essential, as well as biology experiments requiring precise weighing of samples for biological and ecological studies. It also serves as an indispensable tool in physics and engineering for demonstrations involving mass and gravity.

Equip your science lab with this reliable, high-precision Flinn Triple Beam Balance (OB2181) and give your students the tools they need to keep them engaged and excited about science.