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The Atomic & Electron Structure—Flinn’s Exploring Chemistry™ Curriculum Package provides insight into the properties of matter. Build a solid foundation for student success with two experiments, demonstrations, and POGIL™ activities.

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Product Details

Knowledge of atomic and electron structure provides a central, unifying principle for understanding the properties of matter. Build a strong foundation for student success in chemistry with this integrated set of activities—two experiments, two demonstrations and two POGIL™ activities.
  • Determine the structure of something you cannot see! Students will feel great when they deduce the construction of The Think Tube in this “black-box” demonstration.
  • In the Atomic Target Practice experiment students model Rutherford scattering to discover the “nucleus” of an atom.
  • The Energy in Photons demonstration uses glow-in-the-dark phosphorescence to illustrate the abstract concept at the heart of the quantum theory of electron structure.
  • The classic Flame Tests experiment provides colourful qualitative evidence for the electronic structure of atoms.
  • Two POGIL activities, Isotopes and Average Atomic Mass, ensure understanding of how subatomic particles determine the identity and properties of an element.

Includes chemicals, specialized materials and complete instructions as well as free online video resources for three classes of 30 students working in pairs. Common laboratory equipment is required and available separately.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Calcium chloride, flake, 50 g
Copper(II) chloride, lab grade, 50 g
Lithium chloride, reagent, 50 g
Potassium chloride, reagent, 50 g
Sodium chloride, lab grade, 50 g
Strontium chloride, reagent, 50 g
Cardboard squares, 17" x 17", 8
Chemtopic #3 - Atomic & Electron Structure
Cork stoppers, size 5, 32
Energy in photons card
Glue stick, small
Marbles, glass, 16 mm, 20
Nylon string, 6
POGIL activity - Average Atomic Mass
POGIL activity - Isotope
Push pins, 32
Tube, white, 19" long, with 2 caps, 4 holes
Washer, ¾" o.d.
Wood ball, ½", 5/32" hole, blue
Wood ball, ½", 5/32" hole, green
Wood ball, ½", 5/32" hole, red
Wood ball, ½", 5/32" hole, yellow
Wood disc, 3½" diameter x ¾" thick
Wood half-circle, 4" x 2", ¾" thick
Wood hexagon, 3" x 2½"
Wood parallelogram, 3½" x 2½", ¾" thick
Wood rectangle, 4" x 2", ¾" thick
Wood right triangle, 2" x 4" x ¾" thick
Wood splints, 230
Wood square, 3" x 3", ¾" thick
Wood triangle, 4" x 3", ¾" thick