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Force & Motion

Author: Karen Kwitter and Steven Souza

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The Hands-On Science Series for Physical Science Force & Motion lab activities and experiments for contains contains 18 hands-on activities that complement discussions about force and Newtons laws.

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Product Details

With the Hands-On Science Series—Physical Science, enhance your physical science laboratory with these engaging hands-on activities. Students’ scientific inquiry, observation and critical-thinking skills will greatly improve as they learn about the natural forces around us. Student activity pages are reproducible for the entire class and include insightful background information and follow-up questions. Teacher pages provide procedure tips, materials lists and grading assessment suggestions. All books conform to National Science Education Standards.

With Force & Motion, complement your discussions about force and Newtons laws using these 18 different hands-on activities. Students investigate vectors, velocity and acceleration, inertia, pressure, action-reaction, friction, gravity, ballistics, planetary orbits, momentum, kinetic and potential energy and electric and magnetic forces. Revised edition, 123 pages, soft cover.