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You’re ready to teach with this comprehensive bundle on evolution. Engage your students with animated PowerPoints and 2–3 weeks of aligned lessons covering the following topics:

  • Theory of evolution
  • Mutation
  • Darwin’s theory natural selection
  • Survival of the fittest
  • Adaptation
  • Radioactive carbon dating
  • Camouflage and survival

Complete bundle includes:

  • 100+ slide fully editable PowerPoint with objectives, bell work, guided notes and animations.
  • 50+ PDF pages of aligned notes, labs, projects, activities, study guide and assessments.
  • A final assessment aligned with the notes and activities completed during the unit.
  • 15+ interactive notebook activities aligned with the lessons included in the unit covering the unit topics
  • 20+ aligned visual word wall cards (English-only and English/Spanish translated) with roots, suffixes and prefixes
  • 12 aligned task cards that can be used as warm-ups, exit tickets, project starters and more