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Getting Nerdy® Science—Life Science: Vocabulary Bundle

Downloadable resource

Eight vocabulary lessons are bundled in this differentiated packet for both below-level and at/above-level readers. Each integrated literacy activity offers a teacher-written, student-friendly reading introducing new terminology in a fun and engaging way as well as graphic organizers, fill-in-the-blank or other methods of vocabulary interaction. The readings are the same for all levels of readers, but the questions are different so students don't even need to know that they are receiving work different from their peers!

For below-level readers, ESL students or those that require scaffolding, the reading provides bold-faced terms, simple matching and guided extension questions.

For above-level, honors, AP or challenge students, the reading provides regular typeface, graphic organizers for creating connections with terminology and rigorous and challenging extension questions.

Units include:

  • Cells and Cell Processes
  • Scientific Method
  • Genetics
  • Evolution
  • Classification
  • Human Body Systems
  • Ecology