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You’re ready to teach with this comprehensive bundle on the nature of science and the scientific method. Engage your students with animated PowerPoints and 3–4 weeks of aligned lessons covering the following topics:

  • Observation and inference
  • Scientific method steps, independent and dependent variables, controls, experimentation
  • How scientific research moves from hypothesis, theory and into law
  • Creation of lab investigations through inquiry
  • Creating, analyzing and interpreting graphs

Complete bundle includes:

  • 100+ slide fully editable PowerPoint with objectives, bell work, guided notes and animations.
  • 80+ PDF pages of aligned notes, labs, projects, activities, study guide and assessments.
  • A final assessment aligned with the notes and activities completed during the unit.
  • 20 Interactive notebook activities aligned with the topics and lessons in the unit
  • 13 aligned visual word wall cards (English-only and English/Spanish translated) with roots, suffixes and prefixes
  • 20 aligned task cards for warm-ups, exit tickets, project starters and more