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Heat Convection in Fluids physical science and physics demonstration Kit includes two innovative demonstrations. Create visible convection currents in both water and air.

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Product Details

Heat transfer by convection occurs continuously, but is usually only felt, seldom “seen.” Two innovative demonstrations in this kit allow you to create visible convection currents in both water and air. Dramatically show the effect of convection currents in air with a lighted candle-now it's burning, now it's not! Follow this up by observing convection currents created when a hot colored liquid rises and a cool clear liquid sinks. Use the comprehensive Teacher Notes to relate these phenomena to applications of real world convection patterns, such as weather and ocean currents. Enough materials are provided to perform both demonstrations at least seven times.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Aluminum foil, heavy duty, 18" wide x 12"
Clay, terra cotta, ¼ lb package
Food dye, red, 15 mL
Candles, birthday type, pkg/24
Clear plastic tubing, 1½" o.d. x 1⅜" i.d. x 12"
Dishes, weighing, 1.5 g, 3½" x 3½" x 1", 7
Glass tubing, soft glass, 5 mm diameter, 5" length
Laminated template, T-shape dividers
Stopper, 2-hole, size # 5
Tubing, soft glass, 5 mm diameter