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Histology of Domestic Animals Slide Set I

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Histology of Domestic Animals Slide Set I includes 24 microscope slides:

  • Abomasum of cow, t.s.
  • Adipose tissue of pig, section fat removed to show the cells
  • Adrenal gland (Gl. suprarenalis) of rabbit, t.s. through cortex and medulla
  • Bone development, intracartilaginous ossification in fetal finger or toe, l.s.
  • Colon of pig, t.s. stained with muci-carmine or PAS for demonstration of mucous cells
  • Esophagus of rabbit or dog, t.s.
  • Heart muscle of mammal, l.s. and t.s.
  • Heart of mouse, entire sagittal l.s.
  • Lymph node of pig, t.s. routine stained
  • Motor nerve cells, smear preparation from spinal cord of ox stained for Nissl bodies
  • Omasum of cow, t.s.
  • Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium, in t.s. of trachea
  • Reticulum of cow, t.s.
  • Rumen of cow, t.s.
  • Simple columnar epithelium, in t.s. of small intestine of pig
  • Spleen of rabbit, t.s. showing capsula, pulp etc.
  • Striated (skeletal) muscle of cat l.s.
  • Thymus of young calf, t.s. with Hassall bodies
  • Thyroid gland of cow, sec. showing colloid
  • Trachea of cat or rabbit, l.s.
  • Ureter of pig, t.s.
  • Vermiform appendix, rabbit t.s.
  • White fibrous tissue, l.s. of tendon of cow
  • Yellow elastic cartilage, ear of rabbit or pig, t.s.