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Introductory Zoology Microscope Slide Set for biology and life science contains sixteen slides that survey the animal world. All are popular and commonly studied slides.

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Sixteen slides selected to survey the animal world. Emphasis is placed on the invertebrate groups with representative tissue preparations from several vertebrates. All are popular, commonly studied slides that can be resolved at medium power (400X). Scypha (Grantia), c.s. Hydra, budding, w.m. Obelia, w.m. Planaria, c.s. Three regions. Planaria, w.m. Ascaris, c.s. Lumbricus (earthworm), c.s. Two regions. Daphnia, w.m. Zooplankton, w.m. Mixed species. Starfish development, w.m. Egg through gastrula. Whitefish mitosis, sec. Blastodisc. Amphiuma intestine, c.s. Frog blastula, sec. Human blood, smear. Wright stain. Mammalian muscle-three types, sec. Artery, vein, and nerve tissue sec.