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Leaves of Angiospermae Slide Set

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Leaves of Angiospermae Slide Set includes 15 microscope slides:

  • Aesculus hippocastanum, t.s. of leaf bud showing bud squama and embedded folded leaves
  • Calluna, ling, t.s. of rolled leaf showing sunken stomata
  • Drosera, sundew, w.m. of leaf to show glandular hairs
  • Elodea, med. l.s. of stem tip showing apical meristem and origin of leaves
  • Elodea, t.s. of leaf showing the simple structure of an aquatic leaf
  • Eucalyptus, a bifacial foliage leaf with schizogenous oil glands t.s.
  • Fagus, beech, t.s. of sun and shade leaves on one slide
  • Ficus elastica, rubber plant, t.s. of leaf showing cystoliths
  • Iris, typical monocot isobilateral leaf, t.s.
  • Leaves, monocot and dicot, Zea and Ranunculus, t.s.
  • Nepenthes, t.s. of pitcher with glands
  • Nerium oleander, t.s. of leaf showing thick three layered epidermis, several palisade layers and sunken stomatal pits lined with protective epidermal hairs
  • Syringa, lilac, t.s. of typical dicot leaf showing numerous stomata, palisade layer and parenchyma
  • Tulipa, tulip, epidermis w.m. showing many stomata, doubly stained
  • Utricularia, bladderwort, w.m. of bladder