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Mitosis and Meiosis Model Activity Sets for biology and life science help clarify and provide a perfect visual comparison of the two key cell processes mitosis and meiosis. Identify phases and key structures.

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Mitosis/Meiosis-Are your students confused? Using this colorful model activity set side by side with the Meiosis Model Activity Set-FB1143, will help clarify and provide a perfect visual comparison of these two key cell processes. Students are able to identify the parts of the cell, phases of mitosis, and the changes cells undergo through the stages of mitosis. Nucleus, centrioles, centrosome, chromatin, chromosomes, spindle, aster, and other key structures are easily identified. The accompanying Teacher's Activity Binder with lesson suggestions, copy masters and overhead transparencies make for a great total addition to your mitosis unit. The plaque is made of tough, vacuformed plastic and measures 18" x 24".