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Mitosis Study—Student Laboratory Kit

By: The Flinn Staff

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Mitosis Study Kit for biology and life science contains large, individual mitotic drawings that can be matched with key process descriptions and then arranged in their appropriate order. Construct and visualize the cell cycle.

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Product Details

It's easy for students to learn mitosis when studying the large, individual mitotic drawings included in this kit. Students will match key process descriptions with specific mitotic drawings. Once matched, the drawings and descriptions can be arranged in their appropriate order to visualize the cell cycle. Work with the drawings can be done before or after students make their own slides from actively growing onion root tips. Students will grow their own root tips and follow a staining technique to find stages matching those in their set of mitosis drawings. After the hands-on laboratory work, students will have a better understanding of the dynamic process of mitosis.


Materials Included in Kit: 
Hydrochloric acid solution, 1 M, 30 mL
Toluidine blue O solution, 1%, 30 mL
Cover slips, plastic, pkg/100
Microscope slide, 72
Toothpicks, wooden, 750

Correlation to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Science & Engineering Practices

Developing and using models
Planning and carrying out investigations
Analyzing and interpreting data
Constructing explanations and designing solutions

Disciplinary Core Ideas

MS-LS1.A: Structure and Function
MS-LS1.B: Growth and Development of Organisms
HS-LS1.A: Structure and Function
HS-LS1.B: Growth and Development of Organisms

Crosscutting Concepts

Scale, proportion, and quantity
Systems and system models
Structure and function
Stability and change

Performance Expectations

HS-LS1-4. Use a model to illustrate the role of cellular division (mitosis) and differentiation in producing and maintaining complex organisms.