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Mousetrap Cars - Super Value Guided-Inquiry Kit

By: Brad Christensen, Illinois State University, Normal, IL

Item #: AP7667

Price: $197.05

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In the Mousetrap Cars Guided-Inquiry Kit for physical science and physics, become a real world engineer, while investigating the various parts of a mousetrap car to determine each part's effect on the car's performance.

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Product Details

It’s off to the races! Students become real-world engineers as they investigate the various parts of a mousetrap car to determine each part’s effect on the car’s performance. With this exclusive kit, students plan and carry out investigations to test variables of wheel diameter, hub diameter, and length of the lever arm. Kit includes enough materials for six cars! Students analyze the quantitative data they collect in order to design a solution to a problem with particular specifications. Communication skills are developed as students present their designs based on the collected evidence. Cars are easy to assemble with no tools or glue required! This highly motivating activity truly integrates content and reasoning while engaging students in science and engineering practices. Super Value Kit is complete for six student groups. All materials are reusable.