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PAVO Bundle: Chemical Bonding

Item #: PAV1035

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In this PAVO Bundle, students learn about chemical bonding through videos, worksheets, and hands-on experiments. Our bundles include everything a science instructor needs to conduct fun, engaging lessons. With all the content and tools included in each bundle, your students are guaranteed an elevated learning experience.

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Product Details

This PAVO bundle helps students understand the complexities of chemical bonding through a variety of hands-on activities and experiments. Students are engaged with laboratory videos of real phenomena. They will also participate in hands-on experiments that help students identify chemical bonds, learn what happens when molecules attract each other, and study how intermolecular forces influence the properties of compounds. Through systematic testing of chemical properties, interactive demonstrations, and identifying unknown solids, students can become masters of the intricacies and complexities of chemical bonding. This PAVO bundle will help students identify the main different types of chemical bonds by developing and using models to represent these bonds. Students will also learn to differentiate between intermolecular forces and chemical bonds while learning to predict the type of chemical bonding present in elements/compounds based on their physical properties. Controlled experiments, safe laboratory procedures, and safe testing of chemical properties allows students to understand chemical bonding on a professional level.

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Materials Included in 360Science: Types of Chemical Bonds Kit:

Adipic acid, 20 g

Aluminum granules, 20 g

Calcium carbonate, powder, 25 g

Copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate, 25 g

Dextrose, monohydrate, 20 g

Dodecyl alcohol, 20 g

Ethyl alcohol, 250 mL

Glycine, 20 g

Graphite, C, 20 g

Hexane, 250 mL

Hydrochloric acid solution, 0.1 M, 250 mL

Iron oxide, Fe2O3, 20 g

Iron powder, Fe, 20 g

Paraffin wax, 20 g

Potassium nitrate, 20 g

Salicylic acid, 20 g

Silicon lumps, 20 g

Sodium carbonate, anhydrous, 20 g

Sodium hydroxide solution, 0.1 M, 250 mL

Zinc, granular, 20 g


Materials Included in Intermolecular Attractions Kit:

Dishwashing detergent, 400 mL

Ethyl alcohol, anhydrous, 200 mL, 2

Glycerin, 200 mL

Isopropyl alcohol, reagent, 250 mL

Red oil, 25 mL

Capillary tube, glass, 5.5 mm, 3" long

Cultuer (petri) dish, 90 x 15 mm, 7

Pipet, Beral-type, graduated, 10

Ruler, metric/english, clear, 15 cm

Straws, bar-type, 40

Vinyl twist ties, white, 5", 80


Materials Included in 360Science: Intermolecular Forces Kit:

Ethyl alcohol, anhydrous, C2H5OH, 500 mL

Capillary tubes, 100 mm, package of 100

Glass slides, package of 72

Microspatulas, 24

Petri dishes, plastic, package of 15

Pipets, Beral-type, microtip, 40

Polyethylene slides, package of 2


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