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PAVO Bundle: Gravitational Forces

Item #: PAV1045

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In this PAVO Bundle, students learn about gravitational forces through videos, worksheets, and hands-on experiments. Our bundles include everything a science instructor needs to conduct fun, engaging lessons. With all the content and tools included in each bundle, your students are guaranteed an elevated learning experience.

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Product Details

This PAVO bundle allows students to master the topic of gravitational forces through hands-on synchronous and asynchronous activities. Laboratory videos of real phenomena serve to engage students visually. Meanwhile, interactive/self-grading helps track student progress. From how we make scientific measurements to conducting their own investigations into gavitational forces, students will undergo a series of hands-on experiments and activities that help them cultivate a better understanding of gravity. When all is said and done, students will be able to make predictions and perform calculation related to an object undergoing free fall, as well explain how the period of a pendulum is related to its length.

Kits Included in this Bundle

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1- year access to:


Science2Go: Gravity


Materials Included in FLINNlabs: Galileo's Paradox Demonstration Kit:

Clay, terra cotta, ¼ lb package

Pine board, 12"

Polyurethane foam block, charcoal, 1" x 3" x 3"

Ring stand clamp with bracket

Rubber band

Stick with cup and hole


Velcro®-covered ball


Materials Included in 360Science: Free Fall Acceleration:

Ball, steel, 1⅓" diameter, 10

Ball steel, ⅝" diameter, 10

Ball, Styrofoam, 1" diameter

Ball, Styrofoam, 2" diameter

Foam pad


Materials Included in FLINNlabs: Galileo's Gravity Drop:

Gravity drop apparatus


Materials Included in 360Science: Investigate Gravity Using Pendulums:

Clothespin, 25

Protractor, 10

Steel ball, ¾" diameter, drilled, pk/10

Steel ball, 1"-diameter, drilled, pk/10

String, roll, 1