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Barnstead water stills are electrically heated stills that provide high-quality water. The stills are easy to use and maintain, rugged and long-lasting. Both classic and portable stills are available.

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Product Details

Electrically heated stills provide high-quality water. Ideal for educational science laboratories requiring a rugged, long-lasting still. Barnstead Classic Stills effectively remove inorganic solids, organics, bacteria, and pyrogens. The stills are constructed of copper and bronze with a coating of pure tin. The inert nature of tin prevents any leaching of contaminants into the water. 

• Double-walled boiler and preheating of feed water conserves electricity.
• Vented condenser allows for stripping of gaseous impurities.
• Unique de-concentrator removes scale forming impurities from the boiler.
• Unique Thermo Scientific Q-Baffle ensures high-quality pyrogen-free water by stripping contaminant laden water droplets from steam.
• Space-saving horizontal condenser
• Metal construction withstands years of use.
• Units are easily floor and bench mountable, depending on model.
• Inert pure tin pathways assure product water quality.
• Controller unit can be wall mounted.