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FlinnPREP™ Online Course for AP® Biology is a supplemental online resource aligned to the Big Ideas and Learning Objectives providing students with anytime, anywhere access to interactive content, assessments with just-in-time feedback and full-length practice exams.

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Product Details

Flinn Scientific’s FlinnPREP™—Online Course for AP® Biology
• Provides students with anytime, anywhere access to support materials. 
• Delivers an engaging review of foundational biology with a preview of AP Biology topics to prepare students for the challenging AP curriculum—all in one program.
• Helps teachers track and monitor student and classroom progress with the user-friendly performance diagnostics tools.
• FlinnPREP™ can be easily used in the “flipped classroom” strategy. Use as a summer assignment to allow you to hit the ground running or throughout the year as supplemental work.
• Features content aligned to the Big Ideas and Learning Objectives.

Teachers Benefit from FlinnPREP
• FREE access to preview course content.
• An easy-to-use reporting feature helps you form a baseline for progress checks with assessment analysis.
• Flexible design allows you to personalize learning.

Students Benefit from FlinnPREP
• On-demand review of concepts in a clear and concise format helps students refresh their understanding and confidently maneuver through the AP Biology curriculum.
• Easy-to-follow images, video and animation deliver interactive content to devices that are familiar to your students.
• Interactive assessments and games provide students with just-in-time feedback.
• Two full-length practice exams help prepare students for the AP exam.

FlinnPREP™ 15 Units of AP® Biology
• Fundamental Biology Skills and Knowledge
• Cells: Structure and Function
• The Cell Cycle
• Meiosis: Heredity and Variation 
• Mendelian and Molecular Genetics
• Evidence of Evolution
• Evolution: Natural Selection
• Evolution: Populations
• Interdependence in Ecosystems
• Ecology: Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycling
• Biochemistry
• Energy and Metabolism
• Organismal Regulation
• Gene Regulation and Cell Communication
• The Immune Response

Classroom Licensing Options for the FlinnPREP™ Online Course for AP® Biology 
For one purchase price you will receive a registration key that can be used to create your FlinnPREP™ teacher classroom and easily link all of your students. The following licenses are valid following the activation date.
• EL2000 FlinnPREP™—AP® Biology Online Course, Individual License
• EL2005 FlinnPREP™—AP® Biology Online Course, 1 Classroom up to 30 Students, Full School Year
• EL8459 FlinnPREP™—AP® Biology Online Course, 1 Classroom up to 30 Students, 1/2 School Year


Note: Individual licenses are the perfect solution for students looking for additional Advanced Placement study resources. They are not intended for classroom use and do not include any teacher classroom tools.

ISBN: 978-1-933709-72-7