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DNA Molecular Model Set for biology and life science is accurate in every detail and will be of tremendous assistance in helping to illustrate the structure of the double helix.

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Accurate in every detail, this DNA model will be a tremendous assistance in helping your students visualize the structure of the double helix! The bond angles are precise, the sugars are pentagonal, and the phosphates are pyramidal—the result is a model with perfect three-dimensional orientation. This model can be used to teach DNA replication. The accuracy of the model is matched only by its ruggedness and brilliant colors. Color-coded parts represent each of the bases, sugars, and phosphate components. All model pieces are made of “tough stuff” plastic and are nearly indestructible. All pieces lock firmly together providing a demonstration model that will not fall apart when handled by you or your students. If you can have only one DNA model, this is the one you want.The 11-tier model illustrates one complete twist of the DNA ladder. The 22-tier model shows two complete twists of the ladder. Both model sets come complete with stand, parts storage case, and all model components.