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The Applications of LeChâtelier's Principle Advanced Inquiry Lab Kit for AP* Chemistry introduces students to equilibrium concepts. Six chemical equilibrium systems are analyzed with the corresponding patterns and trends.

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Big Idea 6, Investigation 13, Primary Learning Objective 6.9. Equilibrium is a balancing act between the rates of forward and reverse reactions involving a system of reactants and products. What happens when the equilibrium is disturbed? Is there a way to predict and explain the effects of the disturbances? In this advanced inquiry lab, students investigate six chemical equilibrium systems to analyze patterns and trends in the principles, concepts, and definitions of equilibrium. Students begin with an activity that introduces the properties of a system at equilibrium: the reversible complex-ion reaction between iron(III) nitrate and potassium thiocyanate. Deliberate “stresses,” such as temperature changes and changes in the amounts of reactants and products, are added to the system and students analyze the resulting color changes. This procedure provides a model for guided-inquiry analysis of five additional equilibrium systems. Inquiry activities include a reversible acid&base indicator reaction, copper and cobalt complex ions, gas&liquid solubility of carbon dioxide, and the solubility of magnesium hydroxide. For convenience, these systems may be set up as lab stations. Students may also be tasked to create a rainbow-colored display using the equilibrium systems as an optional extension or cooperative class activity.This advanced inquiry lab integrates essential science practice skills and analyzing evidence based on data to construct explanations of natural phenomena. Complete for 24 students working in pairs. Common laboratory equipment is required and available separately.