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Product 13003

By: The Flinn Staff

The Flinn Scientific Laboratory Techniques Guide provides quick and accurate answers to frequently asked lab questions. The handy guide includes beautiful illustrations of lab glassware and equipment to help instructors teach effectively and safely.

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Product Details

What is the proper procedure for lighting a Bunsen burner? Is this a crucible or an evaporating dish? How do I filter this mixture?

This handy reference guide has beautiful color illustrations of lab glassware and equipment to help you teach more effectively and safely. Guide contains 16 “How To” boxes describing the most common lab techniques—lighting a lab burner, heating a crucible, filtering and decanting, using a buret and pipet, collecting a gas by water displacement and distilling liquids to name a few. A convenient Periodic Table is also provided on the back side with element names, symbols, atomic weights and color-coded families.

Designed for individual student use, the 11" x 17" guide is printed on durable, glossy paper and folds in half to easily fit into a binder or notebook. Reinforced, pre-punched left edge allows the guide to stand up to daily student use. Sold in packages of 30.