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With the How Powerful is Your Antacid? Laboratory Kit for consumer science, students test and compare the effectiveness of three over-the-counter antacids. With so many antacid choices, students will know which brand to choose after this lab!

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So many antacid choices on the market—which one should I use? Test and compare three popular over-the-counter antacids. Students will watch an “antacid in action” as the antacid neutralizes simulated stomach acid in the presence of universal indicator. They will also determine the neutralizing ability of three common antacids using acid–base titration techniques, compare the “neutralizing power” and cost-effectiveness of these antacids, and learn the components, benefits, and side effects of different types of antacids. Includes Teacher Notes, extensive background material, and reproducible student handouts. All antacid samples, chemicals, and specialized equipment are provided. Complete for 30 students working in pairs.