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With the Leftover Aluminum Wire Stoichiometry Laboratory Kit, students perform a reaction between aluminum wire and a copper salt. Students find the amount of aluminum that should react and compare to the amount of "leftover" aluminum.

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Here is an impressive and affordable lab activity that gives consistent results in just a matter of minutes! Students perform a redox reaction between aluminum wire and a copper(II) salt. The progress of the reaction is followed by observing the disappearance of the green-blue copper color and the formation of solid copper on the wire. Using stoichiometric calculations, students predict the amount of aluminum that should react and compare this value to the actual amount of “leftover” aluminum. Reproducible student handouts are included, providing a detailed procedure, data table, guided calculations and question sheets. Also included is an alternate set of handouts which gives a higher-level, open-ended laboratory option in which students design their own data tables and work independently through the calculations. Teacher Notes provide sample data, calculations, teaching tips and answers to questions. Super Value Kit is complete for 5 classes of 30 students working in pairs.