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The Salting Out and Density Chemical Demonstration Kit is an attention-getting display that gives a great lead-in for lessons on density, polarity, and solubility. Students watch as beads move in a bottle and observe miscibility properties.

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Product Details

Two layers of beads are suspended in the middle of a bottle. Give the bottle a shake and the beads move to opposite ends. The beads then slowly move back to the starting position. How does this happen? Two liquid layers of differing densities create an interface in the middle of the bottle. When the bottle is shaken, a homogenous liquid mixture of uniform density is formed and the apparent densities of the beads can be observed. The attention-getting display is sure to generate questions and gives you a great lead-in for lessons on density, polarity, and solubility. Teacher Demonstration notes and student handouts are included. The bottle may be reused for years. Concepts: Density, non-polar vs. polar, solutions, immiscibility Time Required: 10 minutes Materials Provided: Plastic bottle, isopropyl alcohol, sodium chloride, and pony beads


Materials Included in Kit: 
Isopropyl alcohol, reagent, 500 mL
Sodium chloride, 100 g
Plastic soda bottle, 1 L
Pony bead, 9 mm, green, 50  g
Ultraviolet detection beads, 50 g