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The Periodic Table: A Very Short Introduction

Author: Eric R. Scerri

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The Periodic Table: A Very Short Introduction allows you to learn more about the history and mystery of the most enduring iconic symbol of chemistry. Packed with thought-provoking philosophical questions.

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Product Details

Learn more about the history—and mystery—of the most enduring, iconic symbol of chemistry! Considering that thousands of periodic table designs have been proposed, why was Mendeleev’s “discovery” so remarkable? What tragedy befell the young scientist who “identified” atomic numbers for the elements? How did the periodic table contribute to the groundbreaking physics achievements of the 20th century? And finally, really, where does hydrogen belong? Eric Scerri is a leading modern scholar of the periodic table, and he has distilled his knowledge into an easy-to-read “very short introduction” that is packed with both interesting stories and thought-provoking philosophical questions. Every chemistry teacher will find something worthwhile in this book to improve their understanding and teaching of the periodic table of the elements! 148 pages, 4½” x 7”, soft cover.