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The universal digital centrifuge is a top-of-the-line, eight-place rotor centrifuge that is perfect for all laboratory needs. The centrifuge includes a safety locking lid, digital programming, rubber feet and easily removable rotors.

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Product Details

Spin away with this top-of-the-line, eight-place rotor centrifuge! Perfect unit for all laboratory needs. Features include a zero-RPM locking lid for safety and digital programming of time and speed ranging from 800 to 3,400 RPM. Rubber feet prevent slipping and the rotors are easily removable for accessibility and cleaning. Unit comes with eight small and large tube shields to accommodate centrifuge tubes from 3- to 15-mL. 110/220-V auto-switching power adapter. Unit is 11" × 14½" and weighs 11.6 pounds.