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Yeast on the Job—Student Laboratory Kit

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Yeast on the Job and Processes in Cells Laboratory Kit for biology and life science.

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The most fundamental question in biology-what makes something alive? Biologists recognize at least four fundamental processes of cells-homeostasis, cellular respiration, enzyme-controlled reactions, and reproduction. These basic concepts are critical for an understanding of a modern biochemical model of cellular life. These concepts, however, are often very abstract for students. Experimenting with yeast cells in a series of experiments, students will develop an understanding of these cell processes. Viewing yeast cells, collecting data, and designing experiments will all contribute to students' understanding of these concepts.Enough materials are provided for twelve complete laboratory setups of the experiment. Students can work in groups of 2-4 when observing the major experiments and individually when viewing the yeast cells with a microscope.


Materials Included in Kit:
Dextrose, 50 g
Methylene blue solution, 1%, 10 mL
Yeast package
Balloons, mixed colors, 12", 24
Cheesecloth, 1 sq yd
Flour, 150 g
Glucose test strips, 100 strips
Hydrion 1-12 pH test strips, vial of 100
Pipet, Beral-type, thin stem, 48