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Item #: FB0217

Price: $124.00

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Aquarium Hoods are constructed of a two-piece, precision model, durable plastic frame that will not corrode or degrade. Supplied with instant-start, wide-spectrum fluorescent bulb.

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Item# FB0214 FB0215 FB0216 FB0217
Size 16" 20" 24" 30"
Tank Size 5.5-gallon 10 to 15-gallon (high) 15 to 20-gallon (high) 20-gallon (long) or 29-gallon
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Constructed of a two-piece, precision molded, durable plastic frame that will not corrode or degrade. Full-length hinged panel provides access for routine maintenance, feeding, or manipulation of fish and plants. The removable strip light rests securely on the rear portion of the frame. Below the light is a fixed glass panel which protects the electrical components from splashes and allows for bulb changes without permitting fish to escape. At the rear of the hood are several cut-outs, designed for easy removal, which provide openings for various accessories (power filter, feeder, heater, etc.). Supplied with an instant-start, wide-spectrum fluorescent bulb.


Fits 20 and 29-gallon tanks (long).