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Item #: GP9086

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Flint glass battery jars are heavy-duty jars made of soft glass used to house a conductive solution. These jars cannot tolerate high heat. Five sizes are available.

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Item# GP9085 GP9086 GP9087 AP4340 AP4337
Size 4" D x 5" H 4½" D x 6¼" H 6" D x 7¾" H 4" L x 4" W x 8" H 9" D x 12" H
Shape Round Round Round Square Round
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Heavy-duty, flint glass jar. Flint glass is soft glass that cannot tolerate high heat as can borosilicate glass. If you want a high temperature vessel, use a large size borosilicate glass beaker. Round battery jars have fire polished lip.


Inside dimensions: 4½" D x 6¼" H.