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Cross Monohybrid Seeds (100) Monohybrid Seeds (100) Monohybrid Seeds (100) Dihybrid Ear Dihybrid Ear Monohybrid Ear Monohybrid Ear
Ratio 3 Normal Tall: 1 Dwarf 1 Normal Tall: 1 Dwarf 3 Normal Green: 1 Albino 9 Purple Dent: 3 White Dent: 3 Purple Sweet: 1 White Sweet 1 Purple Dent: 1 White Dent: 1 Purple Sweet: 1 White Sweet 3 Purple: 1 White 1 Purple: 1 White
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Corn, Segregating Ears are full-size ears of corn from plants specially bred to demonstrate Mendelian probability ratios and fundamentals of heredity. Kernels are numerous enough to give results close to theoretical ratios, yet students will learn that those ratios are predictive and numerical variations are natural. One of the cleanest, simplest and least time-consuming ways to introduce basic principles of heredity.

Corn, Segregating Seeds are viable seeds for germination. Seedlings developing from these seeds will demonstrate the phenotypic ratios described. Color characteristics are often indistinct initially and may require a few days to develop fully. Seeds are packaged in envelopes of 100 and germination rate should exceed 90 percent.


F2 seeds resulting from a parental cross between a homozygous dominant (tall) and a homozygous recessive (dwarf) plant.