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Study the botany of flowerless and seedless plants with the cryptogamae microscope slide sets for biology.

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Study the botany of flowerless and seedless plants with the cryptogamae microscope slide sets. Cryptogramae, meaning hidden reproduction, are plants that reproduce by spores without flowers or seeds and include algae, fungi, mosses and ferns. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Cryptogamae General Slide Set includes 25 microscope slides:
Aspidium (Dryopteris), leaf with sporangia and spores t.s.
Aspidium (Dryopteris), stem t.s.
• Bacteria type slide shows cocci, bacilli, spirilli
Claviceps purpurea, ergot, stroma with perithecia l.s.
Coprinus, mushroom, t.s. showing typical basidia and spores
• Diatoms, strewn slide of mixed species
Equisetum, horsetail, strobilus with spores l.s.
Eudorina, small colonies
• Fern prothallium w.m.
Fucus, brown alga, female conceptacle with oogonia t.s.
Fucus, brown alga, male conceptacle with antheridia t.s.
Lobaria pulmonaria, foliose lichen, thallus with symbiotic algae t.s.
Marchantia, liverwort, antheridia l.s.
Marchantia, liverwort, archegonia l.s.
Marchantia, liverwort, thallus with cupule and gemmae l.s.
Morchella, morel, fruiting body with asci t.s.
• Moss stem with leaves w.m.
Mucor, black mold, mycelium and sporangia
Oscillatoria, blue green alga
Peziza, apothecium with asci t.s.
Pleurococcus, green alga
Polytrichum, moss, capsule with spores t.s.
Psalliota, gill fungus, pileus with lamellae t.s.
Saccharomyces, yeast, budding cells
• Spirogyra in conjugation with zygotes