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Explore the fascinating world of bugs with the Insecta microscope slide sets for biology.

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Explore the fascinating world of bugs with the insecta microscope slide sets. With more than 1 million diverse species representing nearly 90% of multicellular life on Earth, insects offer a dizzying array of adaptations that include social behaviors, complex communication, metamorphic cycles and camouflaging mimicry that allow them to inhabit nearly all environments. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Insecta Supplementary Slide Set includes 36 microscope slides:
Aphidae, plant lice adults and larvae w.m.
Apis mellifica, honey bee, mouth parts of worker t.s.
Aquatic insect, swimming leg w.m.
Caenis, May fly, adult w.m.
Caenis, nymph with tracheal gills w.m.
Cantharis, beetle, chitinous and membranous wings w.m.
Carabus, ground beetle, gizzard t.s.
Carausius, walking stick, abdomen t.s. for internal organs
Chironomus, gnat, adult male w.m.
Chironomus, gnat, head with mouth parts and feathered antennae w.m.
Chrysopa, wing of neuroptera w.m.
Cloeon or Baetis, May fly, head and eyes t.s.
Colembola, spring tail, adult w.m.
Corethra, gnat, larva w.m.
Culex pipiens, mosquito, mouth parts of female t.s.
Curculionidae, weevil, head with mouth parts and geniculate antennae w.m.
Drosophila, fruit fly, sagittal l.s. for general insect anatomy
Gomphocerus, grasshopper, biting mouth parts of a herbivore w.m.
Gomphocerus, grasshopper, leg with stridulatory organ w.m.
Lasius, ant, adult w.m.
Melolontha, cockchafer, digging leg w.m.
Musca domestica, house fly, wing and haltere w.m.
• Ovaries of insect, sagittal l.s. for developing ova
Pediculus humanus, human louse, adult w.m.
Periplaneta, cockroach, chewing biting mouth parts w.m.
Periplaneta, chyle, middle intestine t.s. (Malpighian tubules)
Periplaneta, rectum with ampulli t.s.
Pieris, butterfly, abdominal foot of caterpillar w.m.
Pieris, butterfly, clubbed antenna w.m.
Pieris, butterfly, mouth parts t.s.
Pieris, butterfly, walking leg w.m.
Psylla, adult w.m.
Pyrrhocoris, bug, mouth parts t.s.
• Testis of insect, t.s. to show spermatogenesis and cell division
Thysanoptera, thrips, adult w.m.
Vespa vulgaris, wasp, biting mouth parts of carnivore w.m.