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Item# AP4641 AP5672 AP5673 AP4642 AP4643 AP5674 AP5688 AP5690 AP4644
Material Acrylic Acrylic Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Plastic Supports
Shape Flat Flat Flat Convex Concave Flat Concave Convex NA
Size 10 x 10 cm 10 x 15 cm 5 x 15 cm 50 mm 50 mm 10 x 15 cm 75 mm 75 mm Pkg. of 6
Price $5.15 $7.30 $5.10 $6.15 $6.70 $7.15 $7.60 $8.20 $8.65
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Nearly unbreakable. These rugged mirror components will reduce breakage and give your budget a break. Mirrors have scratchpoof silver backing.