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Study the minute structure and function of human cells, tissues and organs with these superb normal human histology microscope slide sets for biology. 

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Study the minute structure and function of human cells, tissues and organs with these superb normal human histology microscope slide sets. Only top quality, original histologically fixed materials are used, the cutting thickness of the microtome sections averages 6–8 μm, and special staining methods (mostly with Hematoxylin-Eosin) guarantee a clear, multicolored representation of all tissue structures. Each slide set includes a full-color brochure with corresponding pictures.


Normal Human Histology Complete Slide Set of 100 includes the following microscope slides:

Digestive System:
• Colon, human t.s.
• Duodenum, human t.s.
• Esophagus, human t.s.
• Gall bladder, human t.s.
• Ileum, human t.s.
• Jejunum, human t.s.
• Lip, human vertical l.s.
• Liver, human t.s.
• Pancreas, human t.s.
• Parotid gland (Gl. parotis), human t.s.
• Soft palate, human t.s.
• Stomach, fundic region, human t.s.
• Submaxillary gland (Gl. submandibularis), human t.s.
• Tongue, human, sec. with filiform papillae
• Tongue, human, sec. with fungiform papillae
• Tooth, human, l.s. of entire specimen
• Tooth, human, t.s. of crown
• Tooth development from human fetus, medium stage l.s.
• Vermiform appendix, human t.s.

Endocrine Glands:
• Adrenal gland (Gl. suprarenalis), human t.s.
• Pineal body (Epiphysis), human t.s.
• Pituitary gland (Hypophysis), human t.s.
• Thyroid gland (Gl. thyreoidea), human t.s.

Excretory System:
• Kidney, human t.s.
• Kidney from human fetus, t.s.
• Renal papilla, human t.s.
• Ureter, human t.s.
• Urethra, prostatic part, human t.s.
• Urinary bladder, human t.s.

Integument (Skin):
• Body skin, white, vertical l.s.
• Fingertip of human fetus, sagittal l.s. showing nail development
• Mammary gland, active, human t.s.
• Scalp, horizontal l.s. shows t.s. of hair follicles, human
• Scalp, vertical l.s. shows l.s. of hair follicles, human
• Scalp of human fetus, vertical l.s. shows l.s. of hairs
• Skin from palm, human, vertical l.s.

Lymphatic System:
• Bone marrow, human t.s.
• Lymphnode, human t.s.
• Spleen, human t.s.
• Thymus from human child, t.s.
• Tonsil (Tonsilla palatina), human t.s.

Nervous System and Sense Organs:
• Cerebellum, human, t.s., routine stained
• Cerebellum from human fetus, t.s., routine stained
• Cerebral cortex, human, t.s., routine stained
• Cerebrum and cerebellum composite slide, human, t.s. routine stained
• Medulla oblongata, human, t.s., routine stained
• Medulla oblongata from human fetus, t.s.
• Olfactory epithelium, human t.s.
• Optic nerve, human t.s.
• Peripheral nerve, human l.s.
• Peripheral nerve, human t.s.
• Retina from eye, t.s.
• Spinal cord, human l.s., routine stained
• Spinal cord, human t.s. of cervical region
• Spinal cord, human t.s. of lumbar region
• Spinal cord, human t.s. of thoracic region
• Spinal ganglion, human t.s.

Reproductive System:
• Epididymis, human t.s.
• Penis from human fetus, t.s.
• Placenta, human t.s.
• Prostata of young man, t.s.
• Ovary, mature, human t.s.
• Ovary with Corpus luteum, human t.s.
• Oviduct (fallopian tube), t.s. in region of ampulla
• Seminal vesicle (Gl. vesiculosa), human t.s.
• Sperm smear, human
• Spermatic cord (Ductus deferens), human t.s.
• Testis from human adult, mature stage t.s.
• Testis from human child, t.s.
• Umbilical cord (navel string), human t.s.
• Uterus, human, pregnant (gravid), t.s.
• Uterus, human, proliferative stage t.s.
• Vagina, human t.s.

Respiratory and Circulatory Systems:
• Aorta, human, t.s. routine stained
• Artery, human, t.s. stained for elastic fibers
• Blood smear, human, Wright’s stain
• Lung, human, sec. routine stained
• Lung from human fetus, sec.
• Trachea, human l.s.
• Trachea, human t.s.
• Trachea from human fetus t.s.
• Vein, human, t.s. stained for elastic fibers

• Adipose tissue, human, sec. fat removed to show the cells
• Areolar connective tissue, human w.m.
• Bone development (intermembranous), vertical l.s. of fetal skull-cap (cranial bone)
• Bone development (intracartilaginous), l.s. of fetal finger
• Compact bone, human l.s.
• Compact bone, human t.s.
• Embryonic connective tissue from human fetus, sec.
• Glandular epithelium, in sec. of human colon with unicellular mucous glands
• Heart (cardiac) muscle, human l.s. and t.s.
• Hyaline cartilage, human t.s.
• Simple ciliated columnar epithelium, in t.s. of oviduct
• Simple columnar epithelium, in sec. of secreting tubules of human kidney
• Simple cuboidal epithelium, in sec. of human thyroid gland
• Smooth (involuntary) muscle, human l.s. and t.s.
• Squamous epithelium, isolated cells from human mouth, smear
• Stratified, non-cornified squamous epithelium, section of esophagus
• Striated (skeletal) muscle, human l.s.
• Striated (skeletal) muscle, human t.s.
• Transitional epithelium, in sec. of human bladder
• White fibrous cartilage, human sec.
• Yellow elastic cartilage, human, sec. stained for elastic fibers