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Item #: AP6250

Price: $118.70

With the Organic Chemistry Student Model Set, students build molecular models. Color-coded atom centers are designed to accept bonds at the proper angle so students will gain understanding of the three-dimensional character of molecules.

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You will be impressed with the quality and appearance of the Flinn Molecular Model Sets! The colorful, sturdy plastic atoms and connectors will endure years of molecular model building. The components are easy to assemble and can be easily separated and used again. Models are adaptable to student group use or classroom demonstration and display. Single-, double-, and triple-bonded molecules may be constructed. Instruction sheet and plastic storage case or bag are included with each set. Replacement atoms and bonds are available separately. Organic Individual Student Model Set - The perfect model set for individual student use—at an economical price. Atom parts can be used to build molecules of water, ammonia, methane, carbon dioxide, alcohols, acids, esters, chloro-hydrocarbons, and many other substances. The 19-atom set includes: • 10 hydrogen • 2 oxygen • 1 nitrogen • 4 carbon • 2 halogen Twenty single (sigma) bond connectors and four double or triple (pi) bond connectors are provided. All materials are conveniently stored in a zipper-lock storage bag-perfect for individual use. Purchase a 6-pack of this set (Catalog No. AP6250) and save!