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Item #: GP7042 
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Alternative Product Codes: 736319,S67050,89090-042

Price: $23.38

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Pasteur pipets and bulbs are designed to work together. The pipets are glass with long capillary tips and come in two sizes. There are 12 bulbs and 200 pipets in their respective packages.

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Item# GP7042 GP7043 AP9150
Overall Length 146 mm 229 mm Bulbs
Tip Length 51 mm 127 mm Bulbs
Price $23.38 $25.73 $11.82
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Product Details

Glass, ungraduated with long, machine-drawn capillary tips approximately 1 mm i.d. Body of pipet is 7 to 7.5 mm o.d. with small constriction below the upper end to accommodate a cotton plug. Two sizes are available. Pkg. of 200. Also available are high-quality latex pipet bulbs that are made especially for these pipets. Pkg. of 12.


Overall length: 146 mm. Tip length: 51 mm.