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Item #: AP3306

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Chemical splash goggles for lab safety are fabricated from a soft vinyl and conforms to facial contours for maximum comfort and chemical protection. Available with or without fog-free lens. Also available vented or non-vented.

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Item# SE1049 AP3306 AP3309 AP3312 AP3315
Type Non-Vented Goggle, Closed, Standard Size, with Fog-Free Lens Standard Vented Goggle Standard Vented Goggle with Fog-Free Lens Standard Vented Goggle, Small Size Standard Vented Goggle, Small Size with Fog-Free Lens
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Product Details

Fabricated from soft vinyl, a double flange cushion at the top and bottom of the goggle conforms to facial contours for extra comfort. The 2 mm thick clear lenses are made of durable polycarbonate. Ventilation is provided through the lens channels as well as the molded-in vents. Chemical splashes cannot enter the goggle. Lenses are easily replaced. • AP3306 and AP3309 meet Z87+ D3 standards. • AP3312 and AP3315 meet Z87.1-2003 standards. • SE1049 meets Z87+ D3, D4, D5 standards.


Standard Vented Goggle. Meets ANSI Z87+ D3 standards.