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Item #: AP1019 
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Alternative Product Codes: 706665,S09572B,2011783,SB07242,470148-642

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Tirrill burners allow adjustment of both the air supply and the gas supply. They can be used with artificial gas, bottled liquid propane or natural gas.

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Unlike a Bunsen burner, a Tirrill burner allows adjustment of both the air supply and the gas supply. Adjustable air ports regulate the air supply and a brass needle valve regulates the gas supply. Accepts burner tubing 3/8" inside diameter (Catalog No. AP8286). Maximum temperature of flame can reach 1560 ÂșC. *AP1019, natural gas model, and AP1020, bottled gas model, are furnished with flame retainers. AP1018, artificial gas model, is not furnished with a flame retainer.