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Item #: AP1669

Price: $9.20

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Safety labeled wash bottles have silk-screened safety labels, caps and delivery spouts that are color-coded. The one-piece closure is guaranteed leak proof. The bottles come in two sizes.

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Item# AP1673 AP1669 AP1672 AP1668
Label Acetone Acetone Water Water
Capacity 500-mL 250-mL 500-mL 250-mL
Price $11.55 $9.20 $10.75 $9.15
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Product Details

Wash bottles with silk-screened safety labels. Caps and delivery spouts are color-coded. The one-piece closure is guaranteed leakproof. The safety label on the acetone wash bottles includes visual alerts for poison and flammability. Two sizes, 250-mL and 500-mL.


Label: Acetone. Cap color: Red. Name color: Red.