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Student access for one year to a standards-based, web-based virtual modeling STEM application. Students are guided through an engaging, realistic design development process resulting in virtual simulations and competitions with other students throughout their class or district. The software even provides instructions on how to build a real model, allowing students to go one step further by creating actual physical representations of their virtual designs. Includes a fully integrated teacher LMS control center.

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Product Details

Using the custom, built-in CAD system of WhiteBox Learning, students develop 3D models in minutes. The simplicity of the modeling process puts focus where it belongs—on learning the critically important science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts that live just below the surface. After designing and analyzing in the web-based design software, student connect the virtual to the physical by printing custom templates that can be used to build physical representations of their designs.

The WhiteBox Learning Process
Begins with Research! In the research section, students begin by exploring all the theory and concept background they will need to proceed with the activity. This section includes background text with plenty of interactive activities, tools and tutorials to ensure students are well prepared for the remaining sections. Next, students move on to the Design section. Engineers combine scientific concepts and theories with reality using tools to visualize their designs in 3D. In this section, students use the custom, built-in CAD system to create 3D models on screen and quickly choose between a variety of components to improve their designs. Then, in the Analysis section, students work with a number of built-in tools to see how well their designs stand up to the scientific principles explored in the Research section. Creating the models is fun and exciting, but won’t mean much if not supported by science.

Then it’s finally time to compete in the Monster Truck Rally Competition! In this competition portion of the activity, students see how their designs measure up against each other by running up to six trucks over their bridge designs—each time getting heavier and heavier—until the bridge fails. After completing their design and applying any improvements, the Outputs section creates a drawing for a physical build of the bridge structures. Drawings, print templates, stress design specifications and bill of materials reports can be found in this section. Now that students have conquered the virtual world, it’s time to Build and Test the bridge structures in the physical world. Using the included materials, students use the instructions and tips in this section to build a physical representation of their design. 

The Benefits of WhiteBox Learning

  • Teacher-Directed Curriculum: The specially designed learning system puts teachers in control. Teachers can adjust the content level to meet the varied learning needs of middle and high school students. Achievement and performance reports help teachers guide student learning. 
  • Standards-Based, STEM Knowledge: The application encompasses a high-quality, standards-based curriculum that enhances the development of fundamental science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) knowledge. 
  • Comprehensive Suite of Tools: The system contains a fully integrated suite of CAD, analysis and content delivery tools—all within a common, easy-to-use interface. 
  • Time, Focus and Confidence: The software and system was designed to maximize student focus where it matters most—on making theory actionable. This enables a higher standard of learning and ultimately yields confidence. 
  • Accessible Web 2.0 Interface: Because the system is web-based, it’s accessible from anywhere. It’s also built with the most advanced web-based tools available. This provides teachers with the flexibility they deserve and students with the “wow factor” they expect from technology. 

Free software trial available! Contact Flinn Scientific for details.

ISBN: 978-1-933709-78-9


Digital Content and Materials Bundle includes 1-year access to web-based software and materials for 100 high school students to build their designs. Middle school content level. Materials include " x " x 24" balsa wood strips and 3/32" x 3/32" x 24" basswood sticks, wood glue and 2-oz student bottles. Assumes the following items are on hand: hobby knife, small clips, foam board, pins and wax paper. 

System requirements: Windows 7 or newer/Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer/ChromeOS (Chromebook). 

Web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Windows 10 only), Internet Explorer (requires plugin) or Safari.